Belgium Online Casino & Gambling

Gamblers who are residing in Belgium have seen some great changes in the laws that affect how online casinos and betting sites are accessed. For a number of years, these players were able to play at off shore sites to enjoy different forms of gambling. However, the industry regulator in the country, The Belgian Gaming Commission, just rewrote the Gaming Act in 2011 to cover online gambling. The new act states that the operator must have a land base license in Belgium in order to offer any online gambling services in the country.

Since 2002, online gambling has been legal in Belgium and players were able to access a number of site online. However, the government of Belgium wants more control over these gambling activities, which is why the new laws were presented. Unfortunately, getting a license to operate a gambling location in Belgium can be very difficult and there are limits on the number of licenses that can be granted. It is also possible for a casino to become licensed by being affiliates with a casino that is based on Belgium, so this does open the doors for a number of operators and allows players more choices when it comes to selecting an online gambling site.

With these laws in place the availability of true Belgian casinos is limited, which is why many players will see out an off shore casino for their needs. At these sites, players can conduct transactions in Euros and can use a huge array of payment methods to make secure deposits and withdrawals. At off shore casino sites, players will enjoy large paying bonuses and a massive selection of games, so there are always great ways to generate payouts playing online.

Belgian gamblers not only enjoy playing casino games, but they also enjoy betting on sports. A number of gambling sites offer casino games and sports betting to meet the needs of these residents. With both types of gambling supported, it is possible for any bettor from Belgium to find a respected and trusted site that will support their real money bets online.

To ensure the safety of players, in 2012, the Belgium government blocked access to any unlicensed gambling site. The banks in Belgium are also required to avoid conducting transactions from any blacklisted site. This may not prevent players from playing at unlicensed casinos completely, but it did drastically cut down on transactions to blacklisted sites online.

Belgium is one of the few countries that require any online casino to be a land based casino first. Following similar laws, the US is also doing this as online gambling is being introduced in different states that already have land based casinos licensed. For Belgium players, the laws do not restrict much access as there are hundreds of licensed online casinos that will eagerly accept those from Belgium and offer a safe and secure environment in which players can enjoy placing all types of bets.